Xena Cable and Adaptor for XZZ6


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Xena Cable and Adaptor for XZZ6

Xena Cable and Adaptor for XZZ6

Designed to turn the XZZ6 into a complete security solution, the Xena Disc Lock Cable Adaptor kit comprises a high-tensile steel cable and a stainless adaptor piece, which secures to your disc lock.

Simply loop the cable round a static object, fix to your disc lock using the adaptor, and then fit your XZZ6 around your front or rear disc as normal.

Compact, lightweight and flexible enough to be stashed under a motorcycle or scooter seat, the Disc Lock Adaptor Kit is perfect for riders with limited space.

* 1.5M Steel Loop Cable
* Stainless-Steel Adaptor

Note: XZZ6 sold separately

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm