BMW Migsel BMW R1200GS Lamp Mounts.


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Product Information

Very versatile light bar for your BMW R1200GS (not Adventure).

* made of laser cut stainless steel AISI304
* bead blasted (matt) finish
* one colour only, can be painted / coated by user
* mount one or two sets of lights on / under the bar
* section under the beak has mounting holes for extra horns / Xenon converters / …
* the light bar is mounted to the front subframe by means of special aluminium mounting bits (in the box)
* can be mounted in 10 minutes, without disassembling anything on your R1200GS

* not suitable for the R1200GS Adventure

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8.00 × 4 cm


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