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Airhawk Cruiser R Motorcycle Cushion

Airhawk Cruiser R Motorcycle Cushion

Airhawk Cruiser R – Motorcycle Seat Cushion with outer cover.

It`s finally here and New to the Airhawk family of Motorcycle cushions – the CRUISER R!

Made from neoprene this new model is designed to address the issues of prostatitis, general discomfort in the sacrum and coccyx, as well as under the prostate and scrotum.

As with all our other motorcycle cushions the Cruiser R provides the same effective force redirection with interconnected air cells, but with a new cell design to provide added comfort and address specific pressure areas.

Main features:

• Center cutout area runs from front to back, creating 3 points of no contact: tailbone, prostate and scotum.
• Tailbone relief area has tapered transition for increased comfort
• Front cutaway allows for no contact on scotum and improves general fit on the bike.
• Re-designed cell geometry improves airflow under the rider. NO HOT SEAT.
• Addresses issues of prostatitis as well as general discomfort in the sacrum and coccyx and under the prostate and scotum.
• Fits a ride range of motorcycle seats.

The Cushion comes standard with an outer cover, which has two attachment loops either side for secure fixing if required with the straps provided. Repair kit also included.

Dimension: 15.25″ wide x 14″ deep.

3 Year

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