2017 Oxford Motorcycle Heated Handlebar Grips Advanced Motorbike Touring Version




New for 2017 TOURING VERSIONĀ  now with temperature controller with no fewer than 9 heat settings. The focus is on giving as much adjustability as possible at the top end of the heat spectrum, allowing for different weather and different glove types.

The latest generation of weatherproof electrical connections, with rubber O-ring seals and screw-together fitment. A memory function for the heat setting. If you hop off the bike for just a few minutes, it will re-start at the heat setting you had it on before.

Fast-start heat setting. When you first turn on your HOTGRIPS, they will immediately default to MAXIMUM, to get up to temperature as fast as possible.

  • 9 heat settings give increased control for the perfect operating temperature with led lights to indicate the level intelligent heat setting memory.
  • Innovative function stores the previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when regular use. Note: this function is only available if the heat controller is connected to the ignition.
  • Weatherproof design, the intelligent heat contoller uses a sealed-for-life welded case construction for long-term durabillity and weather -proofing.
  • New weatherproof power connections further protect your HotGrips against the elements.
  • Battery saving mode, if you forget to turn the switch off, the grips will do it for you! New switch technology means that, if the engine is switched off, the grips will automatically turn off until enough power is available. this eliminates the need for the user to buy and fit relays.
  • Optimised tread pattern, the grips have erogonomically engineered surface structures to optimise riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear ensure high levels of grip and vibration absortion.
  • The grip is 132mm but can be trimmed to 122mm if required and has open ends so that the bar end weights can be fitted.
  • Thanks to their unique design and fool-proof wiring loom, HotGrips are extremely easy to fit. Connection to the motorcycle could not be simpler: connect the 2 ring connectors to the battery. No need to wire the positive to a live ignition feed*

*unless the heat memory setting is required.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 cm


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