Suzuki Bar riser Bandit 600/1200 (comes with longer brake hose) S-121


Bar Risers

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The risers replace the stock 7/8inch tube type handlebar clamp-cap to raise the bars up 1inch (25mm) and back 1 3/8inch (34mm). This will help to relieve wrist and neck pain on long rides. The S121 risers include a front brake hydraulic hose replacement, for Bandits and SV650s 2002 and earlier. Most other motorcycle models, including SV650 2003, require no change of any control cables, wiring, or hoses. Fits Suzukis, and other models, with 7/8inch tube type handlebars. Does not fit 1inch tube handlebars.? S121 and X102 risers are physically the same. Order the silver anodized S121 or the aluminum finish X102 to suit your needs.

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Dimensions 12 × 4.00 × 20 cm


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