Helinox Cot Lite- Ultra Compact Camping Bed


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Helinox Cot lite

The Lite Cot with it’s innovative tension system, provides a strong support and is quick and simple to set up. The Cot Max will bring an entirely new level of comfort to camping. The Lite Cot is a super lightweight bed with an extremely low weight and volume. The cot is engineered from the ground up for strength and reliability using DAC’s unique TH72M alloy poles.

“Cot Lite.

Cot Lite, a comfy cot for a 6ft above average wide shouldered 87kg person. Fabric is thin and light for a bed but its strong. Cot is well build. It fits in my 35l bag with quilt and tarp. Condensation should be reduced because the cot is raised off the ground and closer to my tarp. A close cell foam will keep your back warm in winter but should be fine late spring early autumn without in UK. Customer service was good and responded within 24 hours. they also answered all questions to my satisfaction.”

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30.00 × 30 cm