Autoglym Motorcycle Active Insect Remover 500ml

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Autoglym Motorcycle Active Insect Remover, in 500 ml, is a concentrated foam designed to rapidly dissolve squashed insect remains from bodywork, windscreens and headlights. The Autoglym Insect Remover is suitable for all motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

Simply spray directly onto the motorbikes surface, leave for a few seconds, wipe off with a soft cloth then either hose down or dry with a paper towel.


  • Allow 30 seconds for insect remains to soften
  • Wipe off surface with a soft cloth
  • Clean surface with dry paper towel or hose off if used prior to normal washing of the car
  • Stubborn insect remains may require second application
  • Wipe off is improved if the cloth is dampened or sprayed with Active Insect Remover

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