Forcefield Kadet back protector



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Forcefield Kadet back protector Designed for Children
CE approved
Light and breathable
Ultra Thin
Highly Flexible
Multi Sport Protection – bike, ski, ATV, motorcycle etc, etc
Repeat Performance Technology
Adjustable fit

Designed specifically for children the fully CE approved Forcefield Kadet back protector is constructed using Nitrex Evo® a unique high tech shock absorbing highly flexible material combined with dense and light-weight layers of foam to ensure the ultimate in protection and comfort.
Suitable for children with a torso length up to 29cm the Kadet allows young riders to be protected with high levels of impact protection whilst not having movement and comfort restricted, critical when starting out in sport.
Bright colours make the Kadet appealing to children and the Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) ensures that even after multiple impacts there is no loss of protective performance and importantly no need to replace the back protector in the event of a fall or impact.
Adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow a large range of movement to ensure the ultimate in fit and security.
Size Available: XXS (Torso Length 25cm – 29cm)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40.00 × 6 cm


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