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Extreme Harness Flite The Extreme Harness is available as a chest and back protector version (The Flite), chest back and shoulder (Flite Plus) whilst the Adventure is chest, back, shoulders and arms (full upper body).

After overwhelming feedback the Extreme Harness now features a CE level 2 back protector

This protection can be used for both on and off road motorcycling, ski/snow and extreme sports, making it fairly unique in the market place. We have been able to remove more material, and make it lighter, non restrictive, breathable and comfortable to the point you forget you are wearing full armour, all essential for active sports.

No fabric or mesh is used, it is an open system to reduce heat build up and increase movement. Whilst offering huge protection, the armour used is some of the thinnest and can be worn under most motorcycle clothing. Offering fantastic protection, there are no hard buckles, fasteners or metal studs used.

The Flite will appeal to the spirited rider who wants chest, back protection only.

The Forcefield Extreme Harness range is designed to be soft, flexible and comfortable. Using a unique high-tech triangular shock absorbing material combined with dense and lightweight layers of nitrile, energy can be dispersed evenly over its entire surface.

* Comfortable and non restrictive
* Separate fasteners and adjusters for both chest and back section.
* Adjustable at the shoulders, chest and waist.
* All adjusters have secondary Velcro security straps.
* Breathable and lightweight
* Moulds to your body shape
* Multi sport product
* Offers side protection

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Dimensions 40 × 40.00 × 6 cm


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