Storm Storm_Wash_In_Cleaner Storm Wash In Cleaner 300ml


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Cleans all waterproof garments and equipment, suitable for hard and soft water. The specially formulated cleaner in the Storm Wash In Cleaner has produced a solution that is as effective in hard water areas as it is in soft water areas, whilst maintaining a neutral pH balance. This means that the cleaner is gentler on fabrics and does not leave a cloudy residue in the water which can cause an unsightly mark on the fabric surface and contains no optical brighteners. Storm Wash In Cleaner is concentrated so it can be used on all fabrics in a washing machine, hand wash or industrially.

• pH Neutral
• Low Temperature cleaning
• Suitable for all water types
• Suitable for all materials
• Concentrated more than other brands
• One wash when used with Wash In Waterproofing
• Easy rinse, non blooming
• Will leave DWR undamaged

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