Storm base_mid_wash Storm Base & Mid Layer Wash


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Cleans and speeds wicking in base and mid-layers by up to 5 times. Silver eliminates smells.
A breathable support system for all t-shirts and underwear giving them a fantastic wicking performance. By changing the surface tension of the fabric, this wash in product allows the fabric to absorb and disperse moisture into the atmosphere more quickly, leaving you drier and more comfortable. An additional silver element kills bacteria and prevents odour.

• pH Neutral
• Silver Technology based odour control
• Restores original performance of base and mid layers
• Lasts five standard washes before re-application
• Speeds wicking properties by up to five times faster
• No added colour brighteners or enzymes
• Helps maintain body temperature
• Do not use on waterproof gear

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5.00 × 15 cm


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