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 At last – visor cleaning technology for the 21st century motorcyclist

The Visorcat is the latest in visor cleaning technology. The concept combines visor cleaning fluid, a sponge and twin wipers (like on your car) in one simple cleaning system. The movement of your hand to your visor is enough to operate the Visorcat – nothing else is needed. The Visorcat is made of soft, flexible rubbery material (TPE) which is harmless to both you and your visor. You will not notice you are wearing it – but you’ll be pleased you are!

  • Improve your view of the road ahead
  • Remove road dirt from your visor before it has a chance to dry
  • Tackle road salt, flies, dust, spray from other vehicles, even soot from exhausts
  • Wipe and clean your visor with one hand
  • Durable, with replaceable parts available
  • Tested and endorsed by advanced riders
  • Money back if not satisfied – see our guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


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