Alpine Alpine Plug&Go – Superb motor sport hearing protection.


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  • Extremely soft foam earplugs
  • User-friendly due to rounded top
  • Bright blue
  • 10 earplugs with storage box
  • Fits any ear
  • Extremely high muffling!

Foam earplugs

Hearing protection should give the user a high level of comfort, offer an excellent noise reduction and must be easy to insert. The Plug&Go earplugs are made of a very soft material, which makes them a very good choice for using during sleeping, studying, during a concert or when playing an instrument, riding a motorcycle, attending the races, or when working on the job or around the house.

It is very easy for a consumer to get into the habit of wearing disposable earplugs. They are inexpensive, especially considering the alternative of permanent hearing loss! Therefore, we have put our efforts in meeting these demands in the market.


Each package offers five pairs of earplugs. Extra feature is the special designed and handy plastic travel box, for protection of your earplugs in a very hygienic way. The travel box can be used as a key chain, so that you will always carry your earplugs with you.


The Plug&Go disposable earplugs can be used once or just a few times. Long-term use of the same foam earplugs can cause an ear infection.

Attenuation values Plug&Go in decibels

 Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
 dB 31,9 37,0 38,3 36,8 34,6 40,1 41,3

Certificate of EC type examination No. EC/S/745/2006.

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