BMWR1200GS adv(08/12) BMWworldstickers decals set . Full Set


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BMW R1200GS adv(08/12) BMWworldstickers decal set .

Item Description

The decals are printed using only original HP Latex inks, insuring deep color and perfect quality image. Only highest quality outdoor sticker is used from the world’s leaders ARLON . All of our products are printed on a weatherproof + laminated (protective clear layer). They are laminated pieces and ready to be applied . Only in black or white colour map .

YOU CAN MAKE COLOUR COMBINATIONS LIKE SIDE TANK IN WHITE AND THE REST IN BLACK OR VICEVERSA . After you purchase the product , I will contact you through eBay , in order to ask you what colour map combination you will like.

Made in Spain.


Lamination is very important when the decals are to be used in an outdoor environment which will not fade or become matted stickers . The finish produces a high gloss laminated sticker by the brand ARLON . Here are some of the advantages of the laminated decals:

* Scratch and friction protection which will add durability and strength in very frequent use areas as side tank or tank bag area if you wish to buy the full set.

* UV protection – fading from the sun is not possible.

* Water, fuel, chemicals and cleaning fluids .

* Professional finish – added gloss and thickness .

* Ideal for curved and corrugated surface.

Total number of decals: 13

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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