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The ultimate splash guard for your R1200GS LC/R1200GSA LC, this splash guard is different to all the others, THIS ONE IS DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE OFF ROAD TYRES AND CAN BE USED WHILST TRAIL RIDING, OFF ROADING ETC.

Protection of the swing arm and shock has fallen victim to design. The effect is that water and dirt can freely penetrate into the works, with consequences that are costly and time-intensive to repair.

This splash guard protects the shock, which is severely enough tested in use anyway, along with shock mounts, swing arm, collector pipes and rear of the gearbox. The amount of water whipped up onto the pillion passenger’s feet/lower legs is permanently reduced. Seamless transition from the swing arm’s intricately
constructed retaining fixture to high-quality protection in the form of fibre-reinforced ABS plastic. Easy and
secure mounting.

The facts:

  • Effective protection from whipped-up water and dirt.
  • Sturdy and custom-fit construction.
  • Easy and secure fitting.
  • Made in Germany.

This is the same product sold by one of the leading German accessory brands for 140 Euro!


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm


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